Dutch Passion Seeds

Grow your favourite cannabis strains at home

If you, like most of us, have been spending more time at home since the start of the pandemic, you may already be aware of some benefits of self sustainability.

By no means am I referring to off-grid living, more just that we all probably have a lot more time to put towards personal projects, such as creating a more self-sustainable home environment. I started by growing chillies, tomatoes, spinach, lemons and parsley, before I also decided to give cannabis a try.

Dutch Passion Seeds Bank

There was something about the process that I fell in love with. Just watching, and helping the seeds germinate and grow into flourishing plants, before harvesting a few jars worth of colourful flowers at the end as an added bonus.

I was hooked on hobby cultivation and had to start the cycle all over again. To take my growing to the next level, I have partnered with Dutch Passion Seeds, one of Europe’s first ever seeds banks.

Your Passion. Our Passion. Dutch Passion.

Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Dutch Passion have carefully crafted their plants and seeds to withstand the colder climates of the northern hemisphere. Not only do they have some of the highest quality indoor and outdoor CBD and THC varieties, Dutch Passion products also have very reasonable prices to match.

In addition to some good soil, water and light, a good quality seed is all you need to start the process. Head to the Dutch Passion website for the best seeds and all of your home growing needs.

Explore the huge range of Dutch Passion seeds and accessories here.

Want to learn how it’s done?
Get in touch for free, personalised home-grow setup advice.

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