G’day, Harry here. I’m a yacht skipper, travel junkie, eco warrior and motorbike fanatic, but I love a bit of everything.

In 2019 the winds of change brought me from Australia to Spain, where I’ve been on non-stop adventures and the never-ending quest for personal development. 

When I’m not working, travelling or studying then I’m probably with nature, sailing, hiking or gardening with my rescue kitten. I love sport, live music, festivals, and often as possible, preparing food for some of Barcelona’s many homeless residents.

Being up close and personal with the heart of the Catalan capital has also given me some experience with the city’s darker side, filled with corruption, crime and chaos. Since my friends back in Australia get a kick out my stories, I’ve started sharing them as a series of survival tips I would have appreciated when arriving in Barcelona as a Spanglish speaking Australian.

I will also be sharing some of the professional experience I have gained throughout my time in both Australia, and Europe, so you can learn from my mistakes without having to make your own. Hope to see you along the Journey.

Much Love,